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About the Practitioner

Mark Cunningham, CMT, NMT

I am a 1997 graduate of New Life Institute School of Massage, with certificates in Swedish Massage, Neuro Muscular Therapy and foot Reflexology. Since graduation, I have had a clear belief that massage is not simply an indulgence, but rather potent medicine for the care and well being of our body and mind. I have volunteered and worked exclusively as a massage therapist since completing my formal training.

I continue my education with classes which have included Reiki, Qi Gong and Cranial Sacral protocol. I take my own advice and continue receiving body-work monthly to experience first hand the pain relieving, tension reducing and muscle relaxing benefits of massage.

For 16 years of my career, I have been working along side one of Atlanta's highly capable Chiropractors. During this time, I have helped several accident victims during their recovery, learned physical malformaties, as well as chronic and acute distinctions and how to alleviate them. This has become a central part of my practice. I now have my own office in the Northlake area of Tucker, GA.

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