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"Mark has been my massage therapist since 2009, when he helped me work through a frozen shoulder issue. I am currently dealing with bursitis and extremely painful leg muscles which are impacting the way I walk, sleep and excercise. Climbing stairs was almost impossible. My hip doctor suggested physical therapy, which did not seem to help. Next step suggested was Cortizone shots. I decided to try a series of massages first. Three days after the first massage, I woke up to find the pain was significantly reduced. Each week brings increased flexibility and reduced pain. My walking, sleeping and exercising are greatly improved. I am so thankful for Mark and his extensive knowledge of how the body works!!"  -L. Hydrick 05/19


"Mark's skills and techniques are excellent- surpassing the abilities of other massage therapists whose services I have employed. He handles himself in a very professional manner and understands the needs of the patient. He is constantly pursuing additional knowledge relating to his field. His exemplary behavior and abilites are an asset to the profession of Massage Therapy."  -J. Jackson 6/02

"When my wonderful massage therapist retired to start a family, I didn't think I could ever find anyone as good. I went into my first session with Mark expecting to be disappointed; after all, he wasn't she. Within the first 20 minutes I knew my trepidation was unwarranted. Not only is Mark skilled in massage, he is gifted with an intuition that helps him know practical matters - pressure, trouble spots - and spiritual considerations. He is gentle, yet effective, and a true healer."  -L. Gentry 6/08

"Mark is a healer. He is extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply about being an effective therapist. Massage  from Mark has become an important tool in helping me maintain good health and increased my ablility to be effective during extremely stressful times. He will become a partner in increasing the quality of your life."  -T. Aun  6/08

"I have seen Mark as a massage therapist regularly since 2003. When I was traveling 100% as an IT consultant he was a life saver. Every time he works on me I feel so much better - less stress, more energy and he is just such a pleasure to interact with. He is very attentive and will work with you on specific areas of need. Do yourself a favor and call Mark today for a great massage. You will still notice the benefits from days and weeks later." -J. Lewis 3/08

"I have had the pleasure of receiving massage therapy from Mark for several years now. He is a very caring , personable and compassionate provider. His skills are excellent and his knowledge of physical issues is extensive. He has gotten me straightened out (pun intended) more than a few times. I also enjoy discussing his music selections with him. I could not recommend him more highly for any gendered person." -D. Lawrence 8/09

"I quickly discovered that Mark was extremely adept at relieving the pent up stress and tension in my body each time I saw him. In fact, he is so expert that his hands need to be registered as a "drug" because his massages are habit forming! In addition to that, Mark provides outstanding customer service by his punctuality and attentiveness to his customers." - K. Warrick  6/09

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